Hello 2017!

We all know what happened in 2016 and we all can agree it was not all good but it was memorable for sure. I spent it laying low and planning a few changes set to happen in the new year. This blog being one of them. I miss writing and designing blog posts on my life and photography. It has been a few years of laying somewhat low (I still post on instagram) so cheers to documenting more! I want to make this sweet and short. What I would like for 2017 is to lead with my heart and keep a great balance between head, heart and soul. I'd love to make more friends and share more stories. To 2017!

Here is the best nine photos of instagram. 

Thank you to everyone that made my year better! Cheers to a great 2017!! 🎉🚀🥂🎉💃🏻🤣✈️👯❤️💛💜 #bestof2016   #bestnine2016  There's a lot more people and animals that are not on here.. you know who you are!! To everyone in my family, close friends and those I've worked with, thank you! 😘

Thank you to everyone that made my year better! Cheers to a great 2017!! 🎉🚀🥂🎉💃🏻🤣✈️👯❤️💛💜#bestof2016 #bestnine2016 There's a lot more people and animals that are not on here.. you know who you are!! To everyone in my family, close friends and those I've worked with, thank you! 😘

Birthday Wishes

One of my own personal traditions for my birthday were and always will be birthday wishes. I love making them, closing my eyes and romanticizing my dreams for a moment. It's a day I celebrate my life and have gratitude for all I have in my life while celebrating the gifts of the future. I've always wanted a small pitbull that's bold and fun and loves the road as much as I do. My sister and I headed over to Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City and that's where we got the new addition to the family, Berta "Nugget" Grueiro. She's exactly what I hoped for and all by chance she happens to be at the shelter and we instantly clicked. She's a road dog willing to explore dangerous areas like a the inside of hot ovens or do acrobatic tricks on top of couches during her zoomies. For my birthday I got to shoot guns for the first time thanks to my good friend Winston! That was awesome!!! I might purchase one next year. 

Self-Assigned : Cloud Couch

This image isn't self-assigned however the original assignment called for an open photo illustration. This was assigned to me by James Porto for our Photo Illustration class at School of Visual Arts, MPS Digital Photo program. That was an intense one-year masters program. You can only imagine the sleep I wanted. Here you have a cloud couch. 


Self-Assigned Explained...


I like to think of this as a bunch of mini photo projects I give myself. The intention is to keep them short and sweet little pieces I dream up. I always have random ideas that don't fit a large scale personal project and this serves as a place for my mental images to live. This small and scattered series of images are glimpses of what I think of randomly.

Stephanie Pretel

I have always wanted a tropical Latina shoot for my portfolio. Big red lips, big dark hair, caramel skin against a green forest. These images remind me of the times I visited my mother's homeland, Dominican Republic. The light radiating off her skin not only reminds me of what the sun feels like but the warmth of the people as well. 

I shot this with Stephanie Pretel in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

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Erick Cameron and Chad Guthrie

This summer I worked on mens fashion fall looks with stylist René Mantilla. 

Here are my favorite shots with Erick Cameron and Chad Guthrie of Red Model Management in New York City. BIG thank you to the crew. These images weren't possible without the added touches from them; styling by René Mantilla, hair by Steven M Fernandez, and makeup by Ashley Vera.  BIG thank you to Valeria Vera for helping and shooting the behind the scenes images, below. BIG thanks to my friend Brian Castano for helping out and jumping in as a last minute model. BIG thank you to SVA MPS Digital Photo for providing the studio!!!

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Behind the scene photographs provided by Valeria Vera. 

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Bound to Be is an exploration of the rituals, steps and voluntary tortures within the everyday woman’s beauty regimen. This investigation into what we take for granted, define and aim to emulate regardless of cost or self-inflicted pain, illustrates an addiction to the ideal feminine and its demand for beauty.  I aim to better understand and to spur the viewer to question if there is a cost too great to force the body into an idealized standard of beauty. 


As a self-portrait artist, my method of working is to investigate, document and analyze the subtleties of what is hidden from view. I work with my own body and friends as models representing the everyday woman and the subculture of secretive masochistic acts enacted to beautify the face and the body that go unspoken. I am interested in revealing these secrets often hidden even to ourselves. Acts of beautification that go on for so long, that they are often overlooked as painful and accepted as a normal way of life. 


My photography documents the effect of this reality on women and I hope tells a story to young women. Buying into the marketed image of the beautiful woman who is overly sexualized, submissive and voiceless is deteriorating to all women. The message of the normalcy to be beautiful and succumb to violent acts against ourselves needs to be questioned. My work is a care-filled dialogue on these practices and I hope causes the viewer to consider what is acceptable and normal. By deconstructing the feminine, I hope the viewer finds the strength, intelligence, and courage to be themselves.



This project has been included in group shows, Un/common Skin at SVA Gallery, New York City and Backlash at Soho 20 Gallery also in New York City. 

You can find reviews for this project on Art-Vetting