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This online journal is meant to document bold, beautiful, and liberating moments of my life.

To lead with your heart is to be free in an inhibiting world. 

Be Bold, Beautiful, and Boundless.

Birthday Wishes

One of my own personal traditions for my birthday were and always will be birthday wishes. I love making them, closing my eyes and romanticizing my dreams for a moment. It's a day I celebrate my life and have gratitude for all I have in my life while celebrating the gifts of the future. I've always wanted a small pitbull that's bold and fun and loves the road as much as I do. My sister and I headed over to Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City and that's where we got the new addition to the family, Berta "Nugget" Grueiro. She's exactly what I hoped for and all by chance she happens to be at the shelter and we instantly clicked. She's a road dog willing to explore dangerous areas like a the inside of hot ovens or do acrobatic tricks on top of couches during her zoomies. For my birthday I got to shoot guns for the first time thanks to my good friend Winston! That was awesome!!! I might purchase one next year. 

Giovanna Grueiro