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Brand Sessions



Brand Sessions

We specialize in capturing the connection and emotion between people for companies and personal branding. We’d love to spend a day at your headquarters with you and your crew! Details of signage & marketing material details, natural light or studio headshots, team photos, office vibes and tours, workshops, office talent shows and afterparties.


Not all industries need something as elaborate as our Brand Sessions. If you are an actor, beginning your career as a realtor, or an author, a headshot will be just the ticket to start and continue presenting yourself as your brand.

Executive Lifestyle Session

This is a chance to tell the story of the Founder(s) or the Executive(s) in charge of running the company. This gives companies a personal touch to branding and helps to show a face employees, potential investors, and/or your consumers can see and connect to.



Exterior, interior and details of new buildings and home designs for architects, interior designers, and development companies. This work involves lots of planning, and record keeping by us. We document in a sophisticated light, the plans, the process of creating the structure, the use of the space after construction, and anymore bits you may need.

Real Estate

Both photography and video for your real estate marketing. Luxury listings stand out with the both photography and video. Tell the story of how the property can benefit your audiences. And add clips to your social media!


Attracting guests to come visit your location needs a lot more than a photo or two. Take them on a tour of the hotel and the town to give them the story of the company and an idea of memories they can create when they visit.